Astel Led

Our Company was founded in 1992 to quickly, safely, and perfectly provide global and domestic technology products of professional display systems in Turkey. ASTEL, within a period of more than a quarter-century, has successfully carried out distribution and marketing activities of many leading professional display system brands, including Christie, Philips, Absen, etc., for its customers in Turkey, and granted many awards.

With a 26-year experience and “knowhow”, it placed on the market the Claro branded indoor and outdoor LED screens, being produced within an indoor area of 5000 m2, to ensure that the products are supplied to its customers cross-country, and dominated the LED screen sector with the success attained in a short time, and became one of the industry-leading companies.

ASTEL LED, who successfully accomplished hundreds of projects in many countries and in particular in Turkey, continues to carry out extraordinary projects by its experienced sales team and engineers, and meantime meets with its visitors at the biggest LED Screen Showroom in Turkey.

Our vision is to integrate cutting-edge technology and our R&D infrastructure with our expert staff, and to be the best-in-sector through the value-added permanent solutions and the worldwide services we offer.

Our mission is to be a Company who constructs an international business structure by creating an effective platform establishing trust and stability for the investors; supports economic growth by pioneering digital transformation and innovation; enriches life with its quality and comfortable products; and who is respectful to human, nature, and laws.

WE are
Stronger with our values

Employees: We invest in our employees for our future
Teamwork: We stand shoulder to shoulder and support each other for our success
Quality: Our success stems from our quality
Passion: We put our heart into any work we carry out
Integrity: We are sincere and fair, and stick to ethical values; we trust and respect each other
Accountability: We are accountable thanks to our open/transparent communication