Group Companies

Astel LED, leader of the professional display system sector, expands and grows by incorporating new companies, and increases product and service diversity through its value-added business model offered to its customers, thus maintains its leadership in the sector.

Provis holds customer satisfaction at the top-level through our after-sale support service and value-added business model. With the quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions, we can provide immediate installation, maintenance, and technical support to our customers within the country or abroad, thanks to the technological infrastructure investment we made and the extensive knowledge we have.

Mekatronik, who was founded in 2000, saves its customers from ordinariness with its creative ideas, and brings mechanical and electronic units together through its delicate engineering formulas, and accordingly offers its customers the most appropriate and extraordinary solutions in every fierce competition environment.

It is one of the industry leading companies who first carried out inconceivable projects in Turkey by pushing the limits of mathematics and physics. With its professional engineer staff, it offers solutions to its customers for 18 years, thanks to its value-added business model and technological infrastructure.