Our Quality, Information Security, Environment, and Occupational Safety Policies

In order to make our company a place where our customers, suppliers, and all related parties get excited to work together with,

We ASTEL LED, Undertake;

To completely understand internal and foreign customer requests and quality, information security, environment, and OHS expectations of all relevant parties; to obey all legal regulations and meet all other requirements while meeting such expectations and needs; to cooperate with our customers, manufacturers, and other companies within the sector in development of environmental and OHS standards, and to provide necessary support and resource,

To increase competitive power and market share of our company within the electronic sector by providing products and services on time and at an optimum price; to minimise air, water, soil pollution, and waste generation during sales and launching of products and services; and to ensure that the disposal of wastes is carried out by authorised companies.

To prevent occupational diseases and health impairments, and to raise awareness of the employees in this regard,

To comply with the quality management system requirements, and to maintain effectiveness of quality management system with the participation of all our employees to all improvement works; to prevent environmental pollution and minimise environmental effects during our works/studies, and to minimise consumption of all sources used,

To protect proprietary information against any internal or external threat which may occur intentionally or accidentally, by systematically considering them in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility; to allocate resources required to ensure continuous improvement of the system; to meet all statutory and other requirements; to ensure safety while information is collected, reported, shared, and processed,

To be a company respectful to the society and environment it is included in; to be a role model; and to make contribution to the national economy by continuously expanding business volume.

To raise awareness of the employees on the environmental effects generated.